A machine learning tool for fishing entities
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The documentation of entity-fishing is available here.

For upgrade from the previous version please check the upgrade guide.


entity-fishing performs the following tasks:

  • entity recognition and disambiguation against Wikidata and Wikipedia in a raw text or partially-annotated text segment, entity-fishing

  • entity recognition and disambiguation against Wikidata and Wikipedia at document level, for example a PDF with layout positioning and structure-aware annotations, entity-fishing

  • search query disambiguation (the short text mode) - bellow disambiguation of the search query "concrete pump sensor" in the service test console, Search query disambiguation

  • weighted term vector disambiguation (a term being a phrase), Search query disambiguation

  • interactive disambiguation in text editing mode.
    Editor with real time disambiguation

Current version

entity-fishing is a work-in-progress! Latest release version is 0.0.3.

This version supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with an in-house Named Entity Recognizer for English and French. The knowledge base includes 37 million entities from Wikidata.

Runtime: on local machine (Intel Haswel i7-4790K CPU 4.00GHz - 8 cores - 16GB - SSD)

  • 800 pubmed abstracts (172 787 tokens) processed in 126s with 1 client (1371 tokens/s)

  • 4800 pubmed abstracts (1 036 722 tokens) processed in 216s with 6 concurrent clients (4800 tokens/s)

  • 136 PDF (3443 pages, 1 422 943 tokens) processed in 1284s with 1 client (2.6 pages/s, 1108.2 tokens/s)

  • 816 PDF (20658 pages, 8 537 658 tokens) processed in 2094s with 6 concurrent clients (9.86 pages/s, 4077 tokens/s)

Accuracy: f-score for disambiguation only between 76.5 and 89.1 on standard datasets (ACE2004, AIDA-CONLL-testb, AQUAINT, MSNBC) - to be improved in the next versions.

The knowledge base contains more than 1 billion objects, not far from 15 millions word and entity embeddings, however entity-fishing will work with 3-4 GB RAM memory after a 15 second start-up for the server (but please use SSD!).

Have a look at our presentation at WikiDataCon 2017 for some design and implementation descriptions.

License and contact

Distributed under Apache 2.0 license. The dependencies used in the project are either themselves also distributed under Apache 2.0 license or distributed under a compatible license.

Main author and contact: Patrice Lopez (patrice.lopez@science-miner.com)

entity-fishing is developed by SCIENCE-MINER with contributions of Inria Paris.

Inria contributors are supported by the H2020 HIRMEOS, IPERION-CH and DESIR EU projects.