A machine learning tool for fishing entities
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entity-fishing performs the following tasks:

  • entity recognition and disambiguation against Wikidata and Wikipedia in a raw text or partially-annotated text segment, entity-fishing

  • entity recognition and disambiguation against Wikidata and Wikipedia at document level, for example a PDF with layout positioning and structure-aware annotations, entity-fishing

  • search query disambiguation (the short text mode) - below disambiguation of the search query "concrete pump sensor" in the service test console, Search query disambiguation

  • weighted term vector disambiguation (a term being a phrase), Search query disambiguation

  • interactive disambiguation in text editing mode.
    Editor with real time disambiguation


The documentation of entity-fishing is available here

License and contact

Distributed under Apache 2.0 license. The dependencies used in the project are either themselves also distributed under Apache 2.0 license or distributed under a compatible license.

Main author and contact: Patrice Lopez (patrice.lopez@science-miner.com)