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A dead simple website that helps you to copy mentions of the authors in index.d.ts file of a package.
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A very simple page to help you get all the authors of a DefinitelyTyped package in github's mention format @username. 😃

Why I made this page? 🤔

The truth is I am very lazy. I wanted to mention all the authors of @types/mongoose to open an issue. I found too many authors. I decided to copy all the text and write a simple python script 🤓 to extract them from the source code. Five minutes later I found myself writing a simple webpage to do that. 👨‍💻

How it works?

  • The script downloads the code at the package's index.d.ts file.${packageName}/index.d.ts
  • Extracts the definitions
  • Shows the authors mentions and lets you copy them.


gif demo

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