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FCI-SCU Courses

Courses taught at Faculty of Computers and Informatics - Suez Canal University 2016-2020

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First Year

First Term Second Term
Introduction to Computer Programming
(C Programming Language)
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
(OOP in C++)
Introduction to Computer Science Introduction to Database Systems
Introduction to Information Systems Linear Algebra
Calculus Statistics and Propability
Discrete Mathematics  

Second Year

First Term Second Term
Introduction to Data Structures In C File Processing
Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) Information Theory
Advanced Mathematics Operation Research
Basics of Multimedia Stochastics
System Analysis and Design Physics

Third Year

1st Term
Web Programming Web Programming
Computer Graphics Decision Support Systems
Assembly Language Information Retrieval Systems
Algorithm Analysis and Design Object Oriented Database
Introduction to Computer Networks E-Business
Concepts of Programming Languages Computer Networks Management
2nd Term
Neural Networks Multimedia Database
Logic Programming Information Security
Computer Architecture E-Government
Software Engineering Serial Database
Compiler Theory and Design Multidimensional Database
Simulation and Modeling Management of Organization Network

Fourth Year

1st Term
Digital Image Processing Bioinformatics
Operating Systems Concepts Web Information Systems
Data Communication (Network) Medical Information Systems
Dynamic Languages Knowledge Based Systems
Data Mining Data Mining
2nd Term
Distributed Systems Distributed Database
Parallel Processing Data Warehouse
Computer Vision Electronic Health
Artificial Intelligence Geographic Information Systems
Arabization Expert Systems

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