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Study Scriptures

A scripture app with the following focus:

  1. Spatial Recognition: Scripture familiarity is increased when verses are always in the same spot. We've lost much of that with our current digital versions.
  2. Guides: Adding highlights and personal notes to our scriptures should be easy. These are assigned to guides which can be toggled on or off. Guides can also be shared with others. For example, someone creates a guide highlighting all the names of Christ in the Book of Mormon. I add that guide to my scriptures and those verses are automatically emphasized for me.
  3. Scripture Chains: Scriptures should be highly sharable. And not just individual scriptures. Scriptures chained together to create a cohesive thought.


  • Guides

    • Create a guide
    • Edit a guide
      • Rename
      • Public/Private
      • Delete
      • Color
    • Add scripture to a guide
    • Remove scripture from a guide
    • Share a guide
    • Nested guides
  • Scripture Chains

    • Create a chain
    • Assign guides (optional).
    • Edit a chain
      • Rename
      • Delete
  • Authentication

    • Google Sign In
  • Misc

    • Browser compatability (flexbox issues)
    • Improve scripture json fetching
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