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Diplomacy is a popular turn based strategy game in which you battle to control Europe; to win you must be diplomatic and strategic.

webDiplomacy lets you play Diplomacy online.

README.txt - Installation information.

AGPL.txt - The license webDiplomacy is distributed under.

We welcome code contributions for any of the issues on the "soon" milestone. Simply fork the project, and develop a fix in a branch. We accept pull requests that:

  • are well tested
  • only include one fix per pull request
  • keep the code clean and maintainable
  • use the same style as the rest of webdip
  • keep whitespace changes to a minimum

When writing the text of your pull request, please include:

  • The details of the testing that you've performed
  • The github issue number that this pull request is a fix for

Any questions, please email, and a member of the dev team will answer.

If you get errors for files within /javascript/ it is because some default Apache configurations use this as a shared folder by default. Disable this alias to resolve. - The official webDiplomacy server. - The webDiplomacy github source repository. - The webDiplomacy Sourceforge project page.

Kestas J. Kuliukas -

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