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Python module for native access to the journald facilities of recent releases of systemd
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Python module for native access to the journald facilities in recent versions of systemd. In particular, this capability includes passing key/value pairs as fields that journald can use for filtering.


On Fedora 17+:

sudo yum install git python-pip gcc python-devel systemd-devel
pip-python install git+


Quick example:

import journald
journald.send('Hello world')
journald.send('Hello, again, world', FIELD2='Greetings!', FIELD3='Guten tag')
journald.send('Binary message', BINARY=b'\xde\xad\xbe\xef')

There is one required argument -- the message, and additional fields can be specified as keyword arguments. Following the journald API, all names are uppercase.

The journald sendv call can also be accessed directly:

import journald
journald.sendv('MESSAGE=Hello world')
journald.sendv('MESSAGE=Hello, again, world', 'FIELD2=Greetings!',
               'FIELD3=Guten tag')
journald.sendv('MESSAGE=Binary message', b'BINARY=\xde\xad\xbe\xef')

The two examples should give the same results in the log.


  • Unlike the native C version of journald's sd_journal_send(), printf-style substitution is not supported. Perform any substitution using Python's % operator or .format() capabilities first.
  • The base message is usually sent in the form MESSAGE=hello. The MESSAGE field is, however, not required.
  • A ValueError is thrown is thrown if sd_journald_sendv() results in an error. This might happen if there are no arguments or one of them is invalid.

Viewing Output

Quick way to view output with all fields as it comes in:

sudo journalctl -f --output=json

Test Builds (for Development)

python build
cd builds/lib.*
>>> import journald
>>> journald.send("Test")
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