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This is a simple console application for Windows written in C# and requires .NET Framework 3.5

I needed a tiny EXE I could call from the command line to get some basic disk info, so I wrote this. My diskspace.js module uses this, so if you are interested in using this with Node.js checkout diskspace.js

Example Usage##

    "PATHTOEXE\drivespace.exe" drive-C

You can change the C to any drive letter the system has.

It returns a CSV of TOTALSPACE,FREESPACE,STATUS, Example: 250055581696,74356535296,READY

TOTALSPACE and FREESPACE are in bytes. status returns the status of the drive query.

Status codes:

  • NOTFOUND - Disk letter was not found, the space values will be 0
  • READY - The drive is ready
  • NOTREADY - The drive isn't ready, the space values will be 0