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node_CloudFlare 0.0.4

A simple module to check if CloudFlare is connecting and get the real IP address.


To install node_CloudFlare on your Node.js server use npm

    npm install node_cloudflare

All lowercase! NPM is case sensitive.


Load config

var cf = require('node_cloudflare');
cf.load(function (error, fs_error)
    if (fs_error)
        throw new Error(fs_error);
    console.log('Server running.');


var ip_address = (req.connection.remoteAddress ? req.connection.remoteAddress : req.remoteAddress);
    if (cf.check(req)) //CF
        res.end('CF IP: ' + ip_address + '\nYour IP: ' + cf.get(req));
    else //not CF

Check out example.js for a another working exmaple that overrides the req.connection.remoteAddress getter.


Range Check -

Legal Stuffs

CloudFlare is an registered trademark of CloudFlare, Inc. This work is not endorsed by CloudFlare, Inc.

Node.js is an registered trademark of Joyent. This work is not endorsed by Joyent.

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