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ADS-B Twitter Bot. Uses dump1090-mutability to track airplanes and then tweets whenever an airplane flies overhead.
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AboveTustin is an ADS-B Twitter Bot running on a Raspberry Pi 2. It tracks airplanes and then tweets whenever an airplane flies overhead.

  • Uses dump1090-mutability for ADSB message decoding, airplane tracking, and webserving.
  • It tweets an image of a map with the airplane's track.
  • It displays the flight name if available, or the reported icao code.
  • It displays altitude, ground speed and heading information of the airplane at it's closest point to the bot.
  • Gives different hashtags depending on altitude, speed and time of day.

Example Tweets


Airplane Tracking Twitter Bot

  • $35 RaspberryPi 2 over a year old
  • $15 RTL-SDR dongle (NooElec)
  • $6 Coax adapter
  • Coax cable found in my closet
  • Home made cantenna (instructions here)

Future Plans

  • Hopefully very soon it will be included in jprochazka's wonderful adsb-receiver project, which will simplify the instalation process for those who would like to create their own twitter bots.
  • Add a calibrated sound meter to catch noise ordinance rule breakers.
  • Add PTZ IP camera to capture video of the airplanes and auto-upload to YouTube
  • Some even more future day use OpenCV to video detect and track airplanes.



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