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================ TODO (in no particular order) =====================
add automatic testing so you can tell when the website is down - this is
easy, in python just ping the frontpage with urllib2, if the status code
is not 200, then send an email. see my blog post
use the readline() library to read from, edit stdin without errors when
typing the email subject line
add dining hall parsing to website + email - see 5cmenus
add link:visited color to CSS styling
improve archives format
set up cron for dining halls, have current menu on the website all the time
add explanation about why you should subscribe even though there are
chirps to pomona website. Stack overflow has nice overlays when you try to
do things like comment when you are not logged in or upvote your own
implement automatic database backups with a cronjob - for snack text subscribers
add "add" page to site - to email me. The idea is that people still
email me to add their events when they should be using the site. Just
make a blank page containing only a form.
submit receipts to ascmc
make individual events like-able on Facebook (also add them to GCal,
make them searchable via API)
add 5C API - can poll our site for dining hall hours, menus, daily
events, current Cmont temperature, across everything. this would be
really useful. Plus API's are where the industry is going
move all dependencies (Flask, Flask-Mail etc) inside of the repository,
and track them in Mercurial
better way to track app.cfg file. The problem is that we don't want to
track this in Bitbucket, because it contains private info that people
could use to send messages to our mailing list, send text messages to
our subscriber base, etc, and that's not good. I asked a question on
Stackoverflow about this but there aren't really good answers.
ana + orlan syntax highlighting for YAML
============== COMPLETED ===============
add unicode support to email creation
add warning if running snack for next day
redirect www subdomain to naked domain
add hyperlink color to custom formatting
background slight drop shadow - see optimizely
lighter color for background
compile vim with python on server