Chaum's Blind Signatures
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Chaum's Blind Signature

NPM Package

Two implementations of RSA Blind Signatures

  1. ./rsabind.js

  2. ./rsabind2.js

The RSA key generation uses the node-only module node-rsa but everything else should work outside of node.js


npm install --save blind-signatures

const BlindSignature = require('blind-signatures');

const Bob = {
  key: BlindSignature.keyGeneration({ b: 2048 }), // b: key-length
  blinded: null,
  unblinded: null,
  message: null,

const Alice = {
  message: 'Hello Chaum!',
  N: null,
  E: null,
  r: null,
  signed: null,
  unblinded: null,

// Alice wants Bob to sign a message without revealing it's contents.
// Bob can later verify he did sign the message

console.log('Message:', Alice.message);

// Alice gets N and E variables from Bob's key
Alice.N = Bob.key.keyPair.n.toString();
Alice.E = Bob.key.keyPair.e.toString();

const { blinded, r } = BlindSignature.blind({
  message: Alice.message,
  N: Alice.N,
  E: Alice.E,
}); // Alice blinds message
Alice.r = r;

// Alice sends blinded to Bob
Bob.blinded = blinded;

const signed = BlindSignature.sign({
  blinded: Bob.blinded,
  key: Bob.key,
}); // Bob signs blinded message

// Bob sends signed to Alice
Alice.signed = signed;

const unblinded = BlindSignature.unblind({
  signed: Alice.signed,
  N: Alice.N,
  r: Alice.r,
}); // Alice unblinds
Alice.unblinded = unblinded;

// Alice verifies
const result = BlindSignature.verify({
  unblinded: Alice.unblinded,
  N: Alice.N,
  E: Alice.E,
  message: Alice.message,
if (result) {
  console.log('Alice: Signatures verify!');
} else {
  console.log('Alice: Invalid signature');

// Alice sends Bob unblinded signature and original message
Bob.unblinded = Alice.unblinded;
Bob.message = Alice.message;

// Bob verifies
const result2 = BlindSignature.verify2({
  unblinded: Bob.unblinded,
  key: Bob.key,
  message: Bob.message,
if (result2) {
  console.log('Bob: Signatures verify!');
} else {
  console.log('Bob: Invalid signature');