A social news website (YARC - yet another reddit clone)
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Linkblab - A Reddit Clone in PHP w/ Zend FW

Thoughts on the project

Just like Gabriel Weinberg brought to my attention over at http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog/2010/11/code-icebergs.html, creating a website like Reddit is a lot like the coding equivalelent of an iceberg in that, "they expose what a casual observer or competitor imagines is a weekend hackathon, but underneath there is a humongous mass of necessarily complicated code." I know this application mught be a little fugly on the outside, but on the inside it was an engineering labor of love. I tried to incorporate the same functionality Reddit offers with some of my own tweaks as I attempted to reverse engineer the Python code base.

I've used this project to become better acquainted with Zend Framework and their MVC implementation as well as experiment with Ajax a bit. I make heavy use of Jquery as well.


  • Putting "NSFW" in some subblabs automatically (toggle in blab settings?).
  • alt. Name for karma -- cred?
  • Implement User Profile Page
  • User page actions

To Change for Production

  • check line 17 of decoda.php on live site