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The VCF Tool Box
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The VCF Tool Box (TVTB)

Software status

Platforms OS R CMD check Coverage1
AppVeyor2 Windows AppVeyor Build status N/A
Travis CI2 Linux Travis-CI Build Status Coverage Status
Bioc (devel) Multiple BioC-devel Build Status NA
Bioc (release) Multiple BioC-release Build Status NA

1Latest successful build; 2Bleeding edge original GitHub repository.


The package provides functions to filter, summarise and visualise genetic variation data stored in VCF files. Functionalities are also demonstrated in a Shiny web-application.


The VCF file format encodes a plethora of useful information, including optional predictions using the Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) that can be parsed using expert packages such as VariantAnnotation and formatted into VCF objects. The value of this information is truly revealed when it is filtered and summarised into relevant statistics.

This package offers methods:

  • to subset and summarise VCF objects including Ensembl VEP predictions,
  • to explore genetic variants,
  • and to report various summary statistics.


Instructions to install the latest release of TVTB are available at:

Using devtools, versions more recent than the official releases can be obtained:


The latest version pushed to Bioconductor release (may be more recent than the official release in the absence of version bump) :

devtools::install_github("Bioconductor-mirror/TVTB", ref="release-3.4")

The latest version pushed to Bioconductor devel (as above):

devtools::install_github("Bioconductor-mirror/TVTB", ref="master")

Original GitHub development repository:


Specific commit:

devtools::install_github("kevinrue/TVTB", ref="99966dda")

Graphical User Interface

Although nothing offers more flexibility than the command line interface, a Shiny web-application, the Shiny Variant Explorer (tSVE), offers a GUI to get familiar with the major functionalities of the package.


Unit tests and coverage implemented using the testthat package (CRAN).

Coverage excludes files:

  • AllClasses.R (Not executed at runtime)
  • tSVE.R (Requires interactive session)


Artistic License 2.0

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