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An HTTP client with caching, built on top of request.


An HTTP client with caching, built on top of request. It works as a drop-in replacement for request. All that is needed is to pass a cache option:


  • Drop-in replacement for request
  • Memory or Redis backed cache
  • Takes advantage of ETag by using If-None-Match
  • Supports both public and private caching


var LRU = require('lru-cache');
var public_lru = new LRU();
var private_lru = new LRU();
var cache = new MemoryCache(public_lru, private_lru);
request('http://some.url', {cache: cache}, function(err, res, body) {


The cache object must be an object with the following methods:

  • add(key, private, val, function(err){})
  • get(key, function(err, val){})

How it works

  • All cacheable responses are cached, even if they are expired.
  • Nothing is ever removed from the cache.
  • If a cached response is not expired, returns it
  • If a cached response is expired, issue request with If-None-Match value from cached response's ETag. If response is 304 (Not Modified), returned cached response.
    • TODO: re-cache with updated expiry date?
  • Cacheable responses marked as private are added to a private cache
  • Cache lookups look in private cache first, and then in the public cache.
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