Python Decoders for Common Remote Access Trojans
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This Repo will hold a collection of Python Scripts that will extract and decode the configuration settings from common rats.

Each of these decoders is running on and has additional features that are not included in the scripts.

If you wish to contribute please feel free to fork or email me on

The write-up is here

###Current Rats Here is a list of the currently supported RATS:

  • Adwind
  • Albertino Advanced RAT
  • Arcom
  • BlackNix
  • BlackShades
  • Blue Banana
  • Bozok
  • ClientMesh
  • CyberGate
  • DarkComet
  • drakddoser
  • DarkRat
  • Graeme
  • HawkEye
  • jRat
  • jSpy
  • LostDoor
  • LuxNet
  • njRat
  • Pandora
  • PoisionIvy
  • PredatorPain
  • Punisher
  • SpyGate
  • SmallNet
  • Unrecom
  • Vantom
  • Vertex
  • VirusRat
  • Xena
  • xtreme

###Upcoming RATS

  • NetWire
  • Gh0st
  • Plasma
  • Any Other Rats i can find.


The decoders now act like a framework with auto family detection. You can still find the original individual decoders in the archive folder. These will not be kept as up to date as the decoders in the framework.


python -l This will list all the supported rats


There are several modules that are required and each script is different, Please check the individual scripts. This list is a complete listing of all the Python Modules

  • pefile
  • pycrypto
  • pype32
  • Yara


There will be more decoders coming Finish the Recursive mode on several of the Decoders


Full credit where credit is due. for the initial xtreme Rat Writeup -

Fireye for their Poison Ivy and Xtreme rat WriteUps (Even though they ignored my tweet and reply ) -

Shawn Denbow and Jesse Herts for their paper here - Saved me a lot of time