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Simple Spark app to be tested on EMR cluster built using Cloudformation
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Simple Spark Project

I'll use this project to demonstrate points on -

  • SBT
  • CD pipeline
  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Spark and Spark UI
  • S3
  • Cassandra

Build the Project

  1. Clone the Repository: git clone
  2. Build the Assembly Jar: sbt -DlibDependencyOpt=CLUSTER clean update compile assembly

Submit the Project

Submit to a YARN Cluster in Cluster deploy mode

SSH to the YARN Master server and execute following:

spark-submit --class packageA.Herewego \
    --deploy-mode cluster --master yarn \
    --num-executors 2 --conf spark.executor.cores=2 \
    --conf spark.executor.memory=2g --conf spark.driver.memory=1g \
    --conf spark.driver.cores=1 --conf spark.logConf=true \
    <location of JAR file> <location of logile> <location of folder to store Hive table> \
    <IAM user's access key to access S3 locations> <IAM user's secret key to access S3 locations>
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