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What is Falton?

Falton is a 2D rigid body physics engine. What makes Falton different from another physics engine is that Falton let user to choose broadphase algorithm that suit their game. There are four broadphase algorithm in Falton2D currently. They are :

  • Bounding Volume Hierarchy
  • Uniform Grid
  • Hierarchical Grid
  • Quad Tree

Current Feature

  • Collision Filter
  • Static, Dynamic, and Kinematic body
  • Circle and Polygon Shape
  • Region Query
  • Various Joint : Hinge Joint, Spring Joint, Piston joint etc
  • Body property : restitution and friction coefficient

Further Work

  • Internal memory allocation
  • Chain shape
  • Add more joint
  • Raycast


Liquid Newton's Cradle Falton is still being developed. We don't have a stable version yet. API is not final.


[] Chain Shape [] Refactor [] Internal memory allocation


  • Box2D
  • Chipmunk
  • Bullet