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Bootie Docs

Bootie Docs is a simple hugo theme for documentation.
The name "bootie" comes from Bootstrap CSS.

Bootie Docs screenshot

You can see demo and full documentation at http://key-amb.github.io/bootie-docs-demo/ .



  1. hugo new _index.md
  2. Edit content/_index.md

Then the content appears on top page.


You can customize the menu items in the header navigation bar by configuring params.mainMenu in your config.toml (or config.yaml).

# example of config.toml
  highlightStyle = "github"

  name = "Usage"
  link = "usage"

  name = "News"
  link = "categories/news"

All other options and usages are described at the documentation site -- http://key-amb.github.io/bootie-docs-demo/ .


Because Bootie Docs is developed for documentation, it lacks many blog-type facilities such as RSS feeds, pagination of posts and so on.


Bootie Docs includes following libraries:

  • Bootstrap v3.3.6 ... Well-known CSS framework.
  • jQuery v1.12.3 ... Requried by Bootstrap.
  • highlight.js v9.3.0 ... For syntax highlighting.


Copyright (C) 2015-2017 IKEDA Kiyoshi.
Released under the MIT License.