A simplistic podcast engine written in .NET with ASP.NET MVC and RavenDB which is a minimized version of original Hawraman powering Keyvan.FM podcast.
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Mini Hawraman Podcast Engine
Author: Keyvan Nayyeri
Blog: http://keyvan.io
Podcast: http://keyvan.fm
Twitter: http://twitter.com/keyvan
Contact Info: http://keyvan.tel
Mini Hawraman is a minimized and compact version of Hawraman
podcast engine (running on www.keyvan.fm) that is being used
on www.mashthis.io and is released as an open source project for
those who want a solution to get started with because I noticed
that there isn't such a solution out there.

Here is a list of features included in Hawraman:

* RSS with iTunes metadata
* Multiple download types and formats for each episode
* Comment, trackback, and pingback
* Different content pages (e.g, about, copyright, terms of use, etc)
* Separate fields for episode summary and description
* Episode links
* Spam filtering for comments and trackbacks
* Statistics for episodes and downloads
* HTML5 player with fallback
* Player embedment
* Archive
* Sophisticated search
* 2-step verification
* Security notifications
* Thumbnail generator
* File uploader
* Sitemap

Here is a list of features in Mini Hawraman:

* RSS with iTunes metadata
* Statistics for episodes
* HTML5 player
* Archive
* Basic search
* Separate fields for episode summary and description
* Episode links
* 2-step verification
* Security notifications
* Sitemap
* Facebook Open Graph

In addition to these, Mini Hawraman misses the unit testing
since the structure of the code was changed and I didn't want
to spend time rewriting the tests to compile and work.

Important Note:
It's worth pointing that my main intention of releasing
this code is to provide a starter point for those who want
to have their own podcast and like me and many other
people, they're frustrated by customized blog engine solutions
for podcasting. The use of Mini Hawraman requires C# and
ASP.NET MVC programming skills even though I tried to simplify
things as much as possible. Therefore, please have the correct
mindset about this project and be ready to modify certain parts
to make it work for you, and definitely take a look at the source
code before deploying your podcast.

I'd hope to see other programmers using this codebase to make
it better and provide the first mature solution ever for
podcasting on the web.

I recommend you to read my blog post annoucement about
Mini Hawraman before anything else: