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Advanced process execution monitoring utility for linux (procmon like)
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execmon is an advanced process execution monitoring utility for linux.

The project consists of a kernel module and a user mode utility. The kernel module tracks new process executions, or precisely, intercepts the execve syscall. Whenever the kernel intercepts a new execution, it notifies the user immediately about it.

In the past, hooking syscalls in the Linux kernel was an easier task, however, in newer kernels, assembly stubs were added to the syscalls. execmon overcomes this obstacle, patching the kernel on the fly. For this purpose I used the open source project Udis86.

Future Goals

  • Intercept more syscalls
  • Better graphical data presentation for the user
  • Save sessions data
  • Support 32 bit systems


  • Currently supports only 64 bit
  • Currently Attempted to run only on Ubuntu 14.04 (Kernel 3.13)
  • Use on your own risk

How To Use

  • Compile using make
  • Insert the kernel module (using insmod)
  • Run the user application


Kfir Shtober (Kfiros) 2016

Thanks & Credits

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