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In this repository we implement the Plutus Core specification defined here. The IOHK Plutus implementation is here. At the moment we target version v1.0 (RC5.5).


After installing python3, pandoc and ninja-build as dependencies and placing them in $PATH, simply run ./build to setup OCaml, K, compile the semantics and run the tests. TODO: All reachability-based tests (unit-tests etc) are not run against the lazy semantics yet (though they should pass).

The file defines the Plutus Core language, and the file defines unit tests as a reachability specification.

Errors / Questions from specification / reference implementation

Reference implementation


  • Type of integers/bytestrings in syntax does not match with Figure 13.

  • Type synthesis (Fig. 5), inst rule - should S be A?

  • What is floor syntax?

  • (fix ...) as a term construct is still present. See pgs 12, 13, 15.

  • What does V refer to in the second to last case in Figure 12?

  • In syntax, (Fig. 2), lambdas and other constructs take in Type Values, but in the semantics (Fig. 9), they take in any Type

    Fixed: Commit that fixes this.

  • Underspecified grammar, for example [ Term TermList ] doesn't parse.

    Grammar follows what internal AST representation is

  • (fix ...) rule changes type (Fig. 9)

    Deprecated, (fix ...) is no longer a term-level construct.

  • resizeInteger and intToByteString: arguments say i has size s1, should it be s0?

    Fixed: Commit that fixes this.

  • intToByteString: Behaviour for negative integers is not specified. Which binary representation should we use?

    Two’s complement. Not yet added to spec.