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##The Orbis Initiative

Please see this blog post until I can make a proper README.

Incanto Trade
Route density (# ships) in Venitian Incanto trade 1283-1453, calculated using ORBIS:Rome network model for
Fournier, M. (2015). Venetian maritime supremacy through time in: C. Ducruet (Ed.) Maritime Networks: Spatial Structures and Time Dynamics, 77.

Example Topotime data files/maps (in progress)

Topotime is an experimental GeoJSON extension work-in-progress; examples in its repo are not closely coordinated with these (yet).

The Pilgrimage of Xuanzang, 629-646 CE
Incanto Trade: 1 voyage, w/places (Venice-Armenia), 1301 CE
Incanto Trade: 1 voyage, no places (Venice-Armenia), 1301 CE
Incanto Trade: 840 voyages in 3523 segments, 1283-1453 CE
Incanto Trade: Places, 1283-1453 CE

Incanto Trade: Total ships per segment, 1282-1453
Incanto Trade: Total ships per segment (w/places), 1282-1453