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Pidgin Extended Buddy List Sort

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Installation on Windows

For the binary version, extract all the contents of pidgin-extended-blist-sort in the ZIP file either to the installation directory of Pidgin (typically C:\Program Files\Pidgin) or to your .purple user directory (typically %APPDATA%\Roaming\.purple).

See below for how to compile the source code version into a binary ZIP file.

Installation on Linux

To install the plugin on Linux you need to extract a release tarball and compile it from source:

sudo apt-get install pidgin-dev
sudo make install

Note: By default the plugin will be installed to /usr/local. If you installed Pidgin through your package manager, it is most likely installed into /usr (i.e. which pidgin returns /usr/bin/pidgin). Use ./configure --prefix=/usr in this case.

Note: When you use the repository directly or one of those auto-generated "Source code" archives, you need to run ./ before running ./configure.

Building on Windows

In order to build the plugin for Windows an already-compiled source tree of Pidgin is required. Please see the Pidgin for Windows Build Instructions for details.

After that you need to create a file named local.mak that points to the Pidgin source tree, e.g.:


Now you can build the plugin:

make -f Makefile.mingw



We love patches. ❤️ Please fork the project, do your changes and make a pull request.


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