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/* Whats this?? */
its a No Framework PHP MVC.
a really really small framework... believe it or not!
Only 20 kb unzipped

/* How to Create Routes? */
 Define your route on routes.php file, and add route by calling,                            
 // load::l('router')->add('/[uri path]','[template file name]');  
 load::l('router')->add('/home/(.+)/([0-9]+)','home'); //Regex Route

/* How to Create Controller? */
 Save your controller file at controller dir, ex: /controller/home_c.php 
 the class name will be Class Home_c{}, and then extend it with Controller abstract class 
 Class Home_c extends Controller
  public function __construct()
   //Getting Regex Arguments from URL Segments if exists (optional)
   $reg = load::l('router')->reg_segments;
   //Set Template Variable
   $this->setOutput(array('hello'=>"Hello World!"));
 Controller must be load directly on your view file 

/* How to Create your Template/View? */
 Save your view file at view dir, ex: /view/home.php 
 //Optional (you may want a simple static template)
 On your view file, load the CONTROLLER AT THE VERY TOP OF CODE LINE, by calling 
 extract(load::c('[controller name]')->getOutput());
 and extract it if you have output variables from the controller.
 You may load other view/template by calling 
 // load::v('[template file name]');
 home.php <<<
 1. <?php extract(load::c('home_c')->getOutput()); //Load and extract controller variables ?>
 3. <?php load::v('header'); //Begin HTML ?>
 4. <h1><?php echo $hello;?> </h1>
 5. <?php load::v('footer');//End HTML ?>
/* How to Create Library/Model? */
 Basically you only need to create a reguler class base on your model/library file,
 its the same like controller does.
 ex : /model/home_m.php , and the class name will be, Class Home_m {}
 ex : /library/mylib_l.php , and the class name will be, Class mylib_l {}

 You may load the library or model anytime anywhere by calling 
 // load::m('[model name]')->[method name]
 // load::l('[library name]')->[method name]
/* Wrappers */
 load::c('[controller name]',[arguments array optional]);
 load::m('[model name]',[arguments array optional]);
 load::v('[view name]',[arguments array optional]);
 load::l('[library name]',[arguments array optional]); 
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