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for Rainmeter

Inspired by famous Polybar from Linux community, I created a playground for anyone with desire finding for a windows taskbar replacement and enhancing everyday workflow. This skin contain many themes which have totally unique looks and design. In each theme contains many modules and some of them have never-seen before functionality. Explore them yourself and help me expand more.


  • Taskbar: minimize, maximize, tracking pinned apps and app's sub processes, re-position apps.
  • Workspace Manager (Windows 10's Virtual Desktop): Change, create new workspace and move windows to workspace.
  • Music Controller: Support Spotify, Google Play Music, Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Foobar, AIMP, iTunes, MusicBee and many more.
  • Discord Status: notify unread DMs, unread guilds, guild mentions, voice chat status, microphone and headphone toggles.
  • App Launcher: search and launch app in speed of light.
  • Power Plan Switcher: Change power plan, adjust brightness and turn off monitor.
  • Calendar View: An calendar synching with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook service.
  • Clean GUI for customizing.
  • Create new theme with no sweat.