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Custom Apps

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Inject custom apps to Spotify and access them in left sidebar.
Add your desired custom app folder names in config, separated them by | character.

custom_apps = reddit|yourownapp

App folders can be store in:

  • CustomApps folder in Home directory:
    Windows: %userprofile%\.spicetify\CustomApps\
    Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.config/spicetify/CustomApps/ or ~/.config/spicetify/CustomApps
    MacOS: ~/spicetify_data/CustomApps
  • CustomApps folder in Spicetify executable directory.

If there are 2 apps having same name, app in Home directory is prioritized.

I included my own apps to demonstrate how to make and inject an app:


Easily store and browse pages, play tracks or tracks in specific time. Useful for who wants to check out an artist, album later without following them or writing their name down.
Demo usage:
It also requires extension bookmark.js to be injected. To install, run following commands:

spicetify config extensions bookmark.js
spicetify config custom_apps bookmark
spicetify apply


Fetching top 100 Spotify posts in any subreddit. This app has native feels and behavior just like other Spotify apps: you can follow, save, play, open playlist/track/album directly. Moreover, it also can fetch Youtube posts and play them inside Spotify.


To install, run following commands:

spicetify config custom_apps reddit
spicetify apply
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