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☂️ Fixes for bad feeds - footwork by Robin Sloan, thankyoooo! (So much.)
🥨 Improvements to make TikTok and Patreon follows more reliable.
🏛️ Firefox fixes, that's all.

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🤖 Includes the fix to syncing deletes from andrew-wja.
🥳 Also an important fix to loading follows when Fraidycat launches. (Empty Fraidycat on startup.)
🕴️ Fix for following TikTok on Chrome/Brave.

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  • No additional requests are needed now when detecting the presence of a follow on a page.
  • Changed the icon when a feed is found to work in both light and dark mode. And to be still distinguishable as the same Fraidycat icon.
  • The URL field is now autofocused. (Thank you, @rosano!)
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  • Introducing a new 'follow' popup and portrait icon for the extension. These appear on sites which Fraidycat detects as valid follows.
  • Allow adding of currently broken follows. (In case they later begin to function.)
  • More feed support for Reddit. (User pages, 'new' pages on subs, etc.)
  • Support for twtxt follows. (
  • Facebook public group support.
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  • Fix for Firefox Sync failure.
  • Fixes to stop duplicate entries which occasionally appeared in previous versions.
  • Can subscribe to Steam game URLs now.
  • Can subscribe to specific Reddit RSS feeds using the direct URL.
  • Progress bar shows feed retrieval activity.
  • Touchscreen tab scrolling.
  • Support for RSS feeds that are missing dates.
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  • Remove recent posts that get deleted from feeds. (See #134.)
  • If post titles go beyond 60 characters, attempt to truncate them elegantly in the collapsed view.
  • Fixed TikTok, Twitch and YouTube playlists. All have changed in the past week or so. (And these updates where pushed out to previous versions already.)
  • Improve XML detection - for feeds that are served as text/html type. (See #133.)
  • Fix broken 'Z' date formats. (See #131.)
  • Added new Hacker News feeds (via
  • Color visited links. (See #135)
  • Replace Unicode entities with SVG images. (See #90)
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  • Fix for missing titles on feed items. (Discovered by @Clint_Billton on a copyright strike at
  • Fix regression in Facebook feed fetching.
  • Move away from systray icon on Linux. Too many window managers don't support them. (Should probably make this a setting.)
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  • TikTok, Bandcamp and YouTube playlist support.
  • Strict Tracking issues in Firefox resolved thanks to @quad.
  • Left-hand side expand/collapse arrow.
  • Fix RSS dates from non-locale timezones.
  • Retweets can be hidden using the 'Hide Reposts' option in the filtering menu.
  • Improved graphs: if there are only three posts in the last two months, a gray six month graph will be shown. No graph if there is no activity in the last six months.
  • New follow bookmarklet.
  • RSS feeds without URLs are no longer broken.
  • RSS feeds with only enclosure URLs (such as the podcast feed) now work.
  • RSS feeds served with an HTML mime type are fixed (such as the feed).
  • Bug in sorting was causing feeds to skip updates and to sort incorrectly.
  • Light mode toggle.
  • Bug in variable replacement was causing '$350,000' in titles to show as ',000'. Possible security fix.
  • No more '50Y' timestamps. If a feed has no posts, the update date is hidden now.
  • Switched to the 'Inria Sans' font. I like Signika better - but I'm having issues with jittery font layout and bad kerning on the Windows electron app.