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749528 Signal event node is not triggered unless it has incomming

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<para>A note about before and after events: these events typically act like a stack,
which means that any events that occur as a direct result of the previous event, will
occur between the before and the after of that event. For example, if a subsequent node
is triggered as result of leaving a node, the node triggered events will occur inbetween
the beforeNodeLeftEvent and the afterNodeLeftEvent of the node that is left (as the
triggering of the second node is a direct result of leaving the first node). Doing
that allows us to derive cause relationships between events more easily. Similarly,
all node triggered and node left events that are the direct result of starting a process
will occur between the beforeProcessStarted and afterProcessStarted events. In
general, if you just want to be notified when a particular event occurs, you should
be looking at the before events only (as they occur immediately before the event actually
occurs). When only looking at the after events, one might get the impression that the
events are fired in the wrong order, but because the after events are triggered as a
stack (after events will only fire when all events that were triggered as a result
of this event have already fired). After events should only be used if you want to make
sure that all processing related to this has ended (for example, when you want to be
notified when starting of a particular process instance has ended.</para>

<para>Also note that not all nodes always generate node triggered and/or node left events.
Depending on the type of node, some nodes might only generate node left events, others might
only generate node triggered events. Catching intermediate events for example are not
generating triggered events (they are only generating left events, as they are not really
triggered by another node, rather activated from outside). Similarly, throwing
intermediate events are not generating left events (they are only generating
triggered events, as they are not really left, as they have no outgoing connection).</para>

<para>jBPM out-of-the-box provides a listener that can be used to create an audit log (either
to the console or the a file on the file system). This audit log contains all the different events
that occurred at runtime so it's easy to figure out what happened. Note that these loggers should

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