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OptaPlanner Quickstarts

Overview of all Quickstarts

Use case quickstarts Technology quickstarts

Get started

Run the OptaPlanner quickstarts now:

  1. Install JDK 11 or later with JAVA_HOME configured appropriately.

  2. Clone this repository to build and run the quickstarts showcase:

    $ git clone
    $ cd optaplanner-quickstarts
    $ ./

Use cases

School timetabling

Assign lessons to timeslots and rooms to produce a better schedule for teachers and students.

quarkus school timetabling screenshot

Without a UI:

Facility location problem

Pick the best geographical locations for new stores, distribution centers, covid test centers or telco masts.

quarkus facility location screenshot

Maintenance scheduling

Schedule maintenance jobs to crews over time to reduce both premature and overdue maintenance.

quarkus maintenance scheduling screenshot

Call center

Schedule incoming calls to employees matching skills and availability.

quarkus call center screenshot

Vaccination scheduling

Assign people to vaccination injection appointments over time at vaccination centers to end a pandemic sooner.

quarkus vaccination scheduling screenshot

Order Picking

Generate an optimal picking plan for completing a set of orders.

quarkus order picking screenshot

Employee Scheduling

Schedule shifts to employees, accounting for employee availability and shift skill requirements.

quarkus employee scheduling screenshot

Vehicle Routing

Find the most efficient routes for a fleet of vehicles.

quarkus vehicle routing screenshot

OptaWeb Vehicle Routing

Find the most efficient routes for a fleet of vehicles.

optaweb vehicle routing screenshot

OptaWeb Employee Rostering

Assign employees to shifts to improve shifts schedule.

optaweb employee rostering screenshot

OptaPlanner examples (desktop)

Many examples in desktop technology.

optaplanner examples screenshot

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