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Weird Coloring Issue #450

amadeus opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I've noticed bizarre issue with CtrlP that is very easy to replicate.

By default, if I bring up CtrlP, it looks like this

image 1

However, if I just perform a quick:

:syntax on

I get this:

image 1

Seems all the little > marks get colored white.


I can't see the images. Can you re-upload them somewhere else?


Also, running :syntax on doesn't change anything for me.


Sorry about that, the images should work now.


I see. It's still not reproducible. Can you simplify your config and find whatever that contributes to this? Also, what ctrlp version are you using? What's your Vim version? Does it happen when you run :syntax enable? What happens if you have this in your .vimrc?

hi CtrlPLinePre guifg=red ctermfg=red

The highlight group for the > char is CtrlPLinePre, which by default uses your colorscheme's Normal group's background color as its foreground color.


So I conducted a bit more testing and found some interesting results.

For reference, I use NeoBundle as a package manager, but I highly doubt this plays any roll in this (since I also used to have this problem when using Vundle).

I disabled all plugins, except for CtrlP and NeoBundle (the 2 minimum requirements to use CtrlP for me without having to really reconfigure folders and stuff.

I also had my entire vimrc settings disabled, so basically a bone stock MacVim with NeoBundle and CtrlP only, with just their default settings. Everything that I described above in my initial posts with the screenshots happens as I described it (with a different theme of course, since it's the basic default light theme).

However, I was able to fix the problem by actually setting your CtrlPLinePre hi group in my color theme as per your example above.

So I guess in summary: The problem doesn't exist if you set the colors yourself, but it does if you don't.


OK, I think I found the cause. It's the :hi clear line that many colorschemes have. I use a modified, stripped down version of molokai which doesn't have that line, so even in minimum config, the issue didn't manifest.

@kien kien closed this issue from a commit
@kien Don't check for CtrlPLinePre
Fixes #450
@kien kien closed this in b5d3fe6
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