Just another random number/string generator for PHP 5
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Just another random number/string generator for PHP 5

This library is similar to ircmaxell/RandomLib, except it is compatible with PHP 5.0 and above, and comes with a much simpler interface. Seriously, PHP ain't Java. Why do we need a dozen files and classes inheriting one another just to get some random bytes? :p

How to Install

Traditional method:

include 'phprandom.php';


"require": {
    "kijin/phprandom": "dev-master"

How to Use

Get a random integer between two endpoints (inclusive):

$random = PHPRandom::getInteger($min, $max);

Get a random floating-point number between 0 and 1:

$random = PHPRandom::getFloat();

Get a random alphanumeric string (0-9, a-z, A-Z):

$random = PHPRandom::getString($length);

Get a random hexademical string (0-9, a-f):

$random = PHPRandom::getHexString($length);

Get a random binary string:

$random = PHPRandom::getBinary($length);

Find out where your precious entropy comes from:

$sources = PHPRandom::listSources();


PHPRandom requires no configuration.

You don't have to choose whether you want low-quality or high-quality entropy. You always get the highest quality of entropy that your system supports. Since the marginal cost of asking for high-quality entropy is negligible in most cases, there is rarely any need to ask for low-quality entropy.

Weaker sources of entropy are automatically mixed with other sources using the best mixing algorithm that your system supports.

Supported sources, in order of preference:

  • openssl_random_pseudo_bytes()
  • mcrypt_create_iv() with MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM
  • mcrypt_create_iv() with MCRYPT_RAND (Windows only)
  • /dev/urandom (Linux/Unix only)
  • rand() xor mt_rand()

Supported mixers, in order of preference:

  • hash_hmac() with SHA-256
  • sha1()


PHPRandom is free software released under the MIT license.