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KijiExpress Tutorial

KijiExpress provides a simple data analysis language using KijiSchema and Scalding.

You can access the full text of the tutorial here.

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple music recommender. To this end, you will learn to:

  • Install and create Kiji tables
  • Import data into them, specifically, metadata for songs and users' listening history.
  • Calculate the most popular songs played after a given song (for each song in the data).

Download & Start Bento

Download the BentoBox, a development environment with Hadoop, HBase and all Kiji components from here.

tar xzf kiji-bento-*.tar.gz

cd kiji-bento-albacore
source bin/
bento start


export MUSIC_EXPRESS_HOME = <path/to/tutorial/root/dir>

Install a Kiji instance.

export KIJI=kiji://.env/kiji_music
kiji install --kiji=${KIJI}

Export libs.


Create the Kiji music tables

The layouts for the tables are described in music_schema.ddl.

kiji-schema-shell --kiji=${KIJI} --file=$MUSIC_EXPRESS_HOME/music_schema.ddl

Upload data to HDFS

hadoop fs -mkdir express-tutorial
hadoop fs -copyFromLocal $MUSIC_EXPRESS_HOME/example_data/*.json express-tutorial/

Import data into the tables

Import the song metadata into a songs table.

express job kiji-express-music-${project.version}.jar \ \
--input express-tutorial/song-metadata.json \
--table-uri ${KIJI}/songs --hdfs

Import the users' listening history into a users table.

express job target/kiji-express-music-${project.version}.jar \ \
--input express-tutorial/song-plays.json \
--table-uri ${KIJI}/users --hdfs

Count the number of times a song was played

This MapReduce job uses the listening history of our users that we have stored in the users Kiji table to calculate the total number of times each song has been played. The result of this computation is written to a text file in HDFS.

express job kiji-express-music-${project.version}.jar \ \
--table-uri ${KIJI}/users \
--output express-tutorial/songcount-output --hdfs

Find the top next songs

Now, for each song, we want to compute a list of the songs that most frequently follow that song. This kind of model can eventually be used to write a song recommender.

express job kiji-express-music-${project.version}.jar \ \
--users-table ${KIJI}/users \
--songs-table ${KIJI}/songs --hdfs

Stop the BentoBox

bento stop