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Download & automatically rename Pico-8 carts from the Lexaloffle BBS threads
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Pico-8 Carts - Bash Downloader

Download & automatically rename Pico-8 carts from the Lexaloffle BBS threads

Pico-8 Carts - Bash Downloader

This bash script downloads directly Pico-8 carts from the Lexaloffle BBS.

How to use the script

Download the .sh file in this repository and save it in your $PATH, you can also use it locally and call it adding a ./

Example: ./

Before launching the script, edit the following line to change the directory where you want to download the carts:

readonly DOWNLOAD_DIR="/home/bob/.lexaloffle/pico-8/carts/incoming"

The .sh file has to be executable too: chmod u+x

The script supports

  • Single threads: (the first cart will be downloaded)

  • Index pages: like the BBS or the featured section All the carts listed in the section will be downloaded (around 50 per page if i'm not wrong).

  • Files: if you want to download all the carts on your favourite page, just save the html file (view source, copy paste in a file). Note: this page is only reachable if you're logged.


If you want to download anything besides a single cart in a thread, you need to use the options:

  • -p or --page to download all the carts in an index, example: -p
  • -f or --file to download all the carts from your favourite page. Note: don't use spaces in your filename, i must have forgot some quotes in the script, it bugs out at the moment. Example: -f ./lexalol.html


If you download the cart from the following url, the cart will be saved as: funfetched_nanoman-1.0_29017_38515.p8.png

The structure of the file is the following: "$AUTHOR_NAME"_"$GAME_TITLE"_"$BBS_ID"_"$GAME_ID".p8.png.

The BBSI_ID is especially useful if you want to quickly find the original thread where the cart was downloaded from.

You can customize the filename by editing this line in the script: local FINAL_FILENAME="$AUTHOR_NAME"_"$GAME_TITLE"_"$BBS_ID"_"$GAME_ID".p8.png

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