Add ligatures to Operator Mono similar to Fira Code
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Operator Mono Ligatures

This project will generate new OpenType fonts for Operator Mono that includes ligatures similar to those found in the popular Fira Code font.

These ligatures were custom created using Glyphs. There are even italic versions of the ligatures.

Take the poll

Which font weight of Operator Mono do you use? Also note difference between Screen Smart (SSm) and regular version. This will help prioritize the order of development.

I have updated the following fonts:

ScreenSmart versions

  • Operator Mono SSm Book
  • Operator Mono SSm Book Italic
  • Operator Mono SSm Medium
  • Operator Mono SSm Medium Italic
  • Operator Mono SSm Light
  • Operator Mono SSm Light Italic (coming soon)

Regular versions

  • Operator Mono Book
  • Operator Mono Book Italic
  • Operator Mono Medium
  • Operator Mono Medium Italic

Operator Mono SSm Book

Operator Mono SSm Medium

Creating ligatures using Glyphs

YouTube video (click to view)

Using Glyphs app to create ligatures for Operator Mono font

NOTE: Because Operator Mono is not a free font, you must have the original font files. This utility will merge the ligature definitions into a copy of the original font. The new font family is named Operator Mono Lig so you can install it side-by-side with the original font.


  • The original Operator Mono font... of course.
  • Install fonttools from
    • Install Python
    • Run: pip install fonttools (for Mac users it's better run pip3 install fonttools - info)
  • Node.js (version 7.6+ for async/await support)

How to Install

  1. Once all the prerequisites have been installed, clone this repo.

  2. From the command line, run:

npm install
  1. Copy your Operator Mono OpenType files into the original folder.
  • NOTE: File names must strictly be of the form OperatorMono-[Book/BookItalic/Medium/MediumItalic].otf.
  1. From the command line, run:





This will generate the new font files in the build folder. You can now install these fonts on your system.


Add Operator Mono to GitHub code blocks using the Stylus Extension.

Create a style and enter the following:

.blob-code-inner, .blob-num, .highlight pre { font-family: "Operator Mono Lig" !important; font-size: 16px !important; }
.pl-c, .pl-e { font-style: italic; }
.pl-c { color: #4CAF50; }

Visual Studio

You can have Visual Studio display the nice Operator Mono italic font for comments, using the CommentsPlus Extension.

Hyper shell

Add Operator Mono to Hyper a JS/CSS/HTML Terminal.