A zookeeper web administrator in node.js
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A zookeeper web administrator in node.js. It's based on express.js and node-zookeeper.It will display zookeeper's data as a lazy loading tree,and display every path's stat info and data;and you can create,edit or delete path if you logon.


You must install node.js 0.8.x from https://github.com/joyent/node/tags and npm.

##Configure First,you must install dependencies with npm

      npm install -d

Then edit app.js to configure your zk hosts

      var zkclient = new ZkClient("localhost:2181");

Or you can pass it by enviroment variable:

     export ZK_HOST="localhost:2181"

in start.sh.

And edit user.json to configure your administrator account:

     { "name" : "password"}

##Run Type command to start app


You can visit node-zk now at


#Lisense Apache License Version 2.0

See LICENSE.txt file in the top level folder.

#Author Dennis Zhuang(killme2008@gmail.com)