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Kimera token and crowd sale contract is combined into one. The Kimera token is also a pauseable token as all token transfers except by the owner will be locked until after the ICO is over. Once token is unpaused it will be tradable. Once the notPausable() function is called by the owner of the contract, the token can never be paused again. Public ICO will not begin until the owner of the contract starts the ICO. Private presale begins at the time of token creation. Token discounts will automatically scale as the sale reaches its limits. Any Ether sent that is over the cap for private sale and public sale will be refunded automatically. After ICO is over, Kimera token becomes a basic ERC20 token as pause ability and crowd sale functions will no longer work. All remaining unsold Tokens will remain in the contract for 1 year to allow the company to buy apps and potentially companies to further the company’s goals. Any remaining unsold tokens that still exist after 1 year after the ICO has ended will be burned.


A good foundation of Solidity or JavaScript will be extremely helpful but is not required. A good understanding of Ethereum transactions and EVM or the ability to use Google and quickly look up and understand needed information should be about all you will need.



Make sure that you have an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet and wallet capable of interacting with smart contracts. To execute the token code: For MyEtherWallet; paste the token code into the remix online compiler. Copy the EVM code and paste into the MyEtherWallet execute smart contract. pay the gas price, enjoy your tokens. (If these steps are copied it will not be the actual Kimera Token, but a different smart contract and different address with the same functionality as the Kimera Token)


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details