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Place all your configuration parameters in YAML files within a config/ directory under the top level of your project. For example, you might have a config/database.yml file.

In an initializer at the top level of your project, or within your config/ directory, do this:

require 'constantinople'

You may then use CONSTANTINOPLE from anywhere in your app:


Defaults and Overrides

You can create default and over-ride versions of config files. Constantinople will look for and load config files in the following order:


The results are merged together. We recommended you gitignore config/*.yml.


If there is a non-empty ENV['RAILS_ENV'], ENV['RACK_ENV'] or ENV['APP_ENV'] the first such environment will be used as a key whose values will be merged into the level above. If none of those are defined, 'development' is used. So for example, if your database.yml file has

username: root
  password: d87gfds09ds8a

Then in your development environment:

CONSTANTINOPLE.database.username # root
CONSTANTINOPLE.database.password # nil

And in your production environment:

CONSTANTINOPLE.database.username # root
CONSTANTINOPLE.database.password # d87gfds09ds8a

Working on the Gem

Install rvm, including ruby 1.9.2 Clone the git repo, then...

cd constantinople
gem install bundler
bundle install
rake coverage


Yeah, fine. But please rename to Istanbul.

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