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CSGO Exporter

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This is a Prometheus exporter for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It provides statistics from diverse categories, including last matches.

An example of the output of this exporter can be found here.

Grafana Dashboard

This wouldn't be an exporter without its corresponding Grafana Dashboard.

Grafana Dashboard

This dashboard can be found with the ID 14629 using the Grafana import (dashboard link) or here in plain text.


One of the two, depending on your running method.

Running this exporter

See Configuration in order to set the necessary params to run the exporter.

Using a binary

You can download the latest version of the binary built for your architecture here.

Using Docker

The exporter is also available as a Docker image in DockerHub and Github CR. You can run it using the following example and pass the configuration as environment variables:

$ docker run \
  --name csgo_exporter \
  -p 7355:7355 \
  -e STEAM_API_KEY=<your-api-key> \
  -e STEAM_NAME=<your-user-name> \
  -e STEAM_ID=<your-user-id> \

Alternative, you can use if you want to use the Github Container Registry.

Using the source

Optionally, you can download and build it from the sources. You have to retrieve the project sources by using one of the following way:

$ go get -u
# or
$ git clone

Install the needed vendors:

$ GO111MODULE=on go mod vendor

Then, build the binary:

$ go build -o csgo_exporter .


You can use both environment variables or parameters in both the binary or the docker image. If you wish to use parameters, simply invoke the same environment variable but in downcase, or use the flag --help for more information.

Environment variable Description Default Required
HTTP_PORT The port the exporter will be running the HTTP server 73551
SCRAPE_INTERVAL Time in natural format to scrap statistics from the CS:GO APIs 30s
STEAM_API_KEY Your personal API key from Steam, get one using this link Yes
STEAM_ID 2 The Steam ID you want to fetch the data from for the player statistics Yes
STEAM_NAME If you don't want to provide a STEAM_ID you can provide your username, see the footnotes
FETCH_INVENTORY Boolean to determine if the exporter should fetch the player's inventory3 false
CURRENCY The price currency to display the average cost of the player inventory items EUR

Available Prometheus metrics

Metric name Description
csgo_stats_metric All the stats from the player, it includes last_match data, totals per weapon, among other cool things
csgo_total_kills_metric Total kills from a player per weapon
csgo_total_shots_metric Total shots from a player per weapon
csgo_total_hits_metric Total hits from a player per weapon
csgo_achievements_metric All achievements done by the player, with value 1 or 0 for achieved or not
csgo_playtime_metric Hours spent playing the game in minutes in different types, includes stats for each OS
csgo_news_metric The latest news from the CS: GO community, can be used in a table. Value is an epoch
csgo_user_inventory_metric The player's inventory and the cost of each item. Value is the average cost in the desired currency.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people who had contributed to the project:

Simon Szustkowski


Oleg Zaytsev



  • [1]: This port is being assigned for fun, since the bomb code from Counter Strike is 7355608.
  • [2]: Please note that the STEAM_ID environment variable is not required if you provide a STEAM_NAME. If you want to save 1 HTTP call, provide both variables.
  • [3]: Inventory should be public, if it's not, the request will fail and the program will exit.