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Clockwork is an event reminder service styled after the now defunct yourli.st.

It consists of a single page with a form. When that form is filled out and submitted, you will receive a reminder at the scheduled time.

Clockwork is built on top of Common Lisp and Weblocks. It should be portable to all conforming Common Lisp implementations but SBCL and CCL are recommended.
Like Weblocks, Clockwork uses the Hunchentoot web server by Edi Weitz. It is recommended that you run Clockwork behind a proxy which forwards requests to a clockwork subdomain (i.e. "clockwork.*.com").
If you choose not to run clockwork on it's own subdomain, you should edit the :hostnames field in the defwebapp form in clockwork.lisp.
You also need to set *clockwork-host* based on what server the code is running on. It assumes you are running clockwork on a subdomain so for e.g "clockwork.redlinernotes.com" we recomend setting it to "redlinernotes.com". Only the make-unschedule-link method in src/reminder.lisp makes use of this variable.
It is recommended to run clockwork as a daemon and set this value with (setf *clockwork-host* "your-hostname.whatever") in your init file.
See this link for further details: http://redlinernotes.com/blog/?p=1232

Additionally, Clockwork requires a username and password for an encrypted SMTP service. Gmail, among others, provides free encrypted SMTP and clockwork uses it by default.
You should edit the conf/config.lisp file to set the *smtp-user* and *smtp-pass* appropriately. If you wish to use a service other than gmail you will need to edit *mail-server* in src/messaging.lisp.
You may wish to ensure that git does not try to track your username and password. If so, before editing the file run git update-index --assume-unchanged conf/config.lisp.

Finally, if you are running Clockwork as a system service/daemon we recommend that you run (clockwork:recover-reminders) on reboot.

Further details on Clockwork and its making can be found at: http://redlinernotes.com/blog/?p=1243 and http://redlinernotes.com/blog/?p=1277