Diagnose Me, an Amazon Alexa Skill for Pitt Challenge, University of Pittsburgh hosted hackathon
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DiagnoseMe - Report - Round 1.pdf



Team Members:

  • James Hahn
  • Zac Yu
  • Dan Zheng
  • Srujan Dadi

Won 1st place at Pitt Challenge, a 24-hour healthcare-focused hackathon at the University of Pittsburgh.

alt text

Diagnose Me, an Alexa skill, is designed for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices (e.g. Echo, Echo Dot, ...). Its goal is to help people become more informed about their health through preliminary self-diagnosis (advising medication and/or professional attention). The user communicates with Alexa by voice and tells it their symptoms; the response contains their top three most probable illnesses and medication that can be used for the illness with the highest probability (above a certain threshold). In addition, one has the ability to send emergency text alerts to key contacts in their phone in the case of a medical emergency. Lastly, there exists the functionality to inquire about the usage, dosage, and purpose of several medications, such as advil, tylenol, zantac, and more.

Technologies: Node.js, Twilio API, ApiMedic Symptom Checker API, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Alexa Skills