This is a working repository for the hypermedia panel at API Craft Detroit 2014.
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API-Craft Detroit 2014 - Hypermedia Panel

This is a working repository for the hypermedia panel at APICraft Detroit 2014.


  • 2 hour panel
    • 10 minute press by each panelist
    • 1 hour of conversation

When: 1pm-3pm, Monday, July 28th 2014 Where: Grand Circus downtown Detroit

Panel will be followed by a hands-on hypermedia hackathon that will run from 3:30pm to 7pm.


Panelists: Kin Lane (@kinlane)

Title: State of Hypermedia Today

  • What is the state of hypermedia?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where are we going?
  • Where should we be going?
  • What can we do during hackathon?
  • What are two things everyone should leave API-Craft thinking about?
    • adding hypermedia to an API is a way to improve the API's usability (@mamund)
    • the more hypermedia information in a response, the more stateless that response can be (@mamund)
    • Hypermedia allows us to go beyond CRUD-influenced API design, enabling a task-based message design consisting of current resource state and available transitions. This provides a richer interaction model between client and server. (@kevinswiber)
    • The best way to improve the state of the art is to see hypermedia applied to more use cases and have feedback shared publicly with the community. (@kevinswiber)
    • What are the metrics of success for your API? How do hypermedia designs contribute to or detract from those metrics? (@mikekelly85)
    • Is adding links to a response enough? (@MarkusLanthaler)
    • What are the benefits of adding HTTP method and payload encoding information to links - aka forms/actions for APIs? What are the problems? Is it worth it? (@JornWildt)
    • Are more complicated media types, that require more than an HTTP library and a JSON parser to deal with, moving away from the "simplicity" that has been driving web API adoption over SOAP? (@mikekelly85)
    • Does adding hypermedia really help if the data itself can't be understood without out-of-band knowledge? (@MarkusLanthaler)
    • What are the pros and cons of moving hypermedia controls to a separate, machine-readable document (API descriptions) compared to embedding them directly in resource representations? (@MarkusLanthaler)
    • How would an ideal hypermedia client library look like? (@MarkusLanthaler)
    • People often have a knee jerk reaction to dismiss hypermedia APIs as a complex approach to API design. What is your three sentence pitch to convince these people that it is not overkill, and in fact can be a simpler approach over time? (@MattMcLartyBC)