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Kipoi models

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This repository hosts predictive models for genomics and serves as a model source for Kipoi. Each folder containing model.yaml is considered to be a single model.

Contributing models

  1. Install kipoi:
pip install kipoi
  1. Run kipoi ls. This will checkout the kipoi/models repo to ~/.kipoi/models)

  2. Follow the instructions on contributing/Getting started.

Using models (to predict, score variants, build new models)

To explore available models, visit See kipoi/ and docs/using getting started for more information on how to programatically access the models from this repository using CLI, python or R.

Configuring local storage location

This model source ( is included in the Kipoi config file (~/.kipoi/config.yaml) by default:

# ~/.kipoi/config.yaml
        type: git-lfs
        local_path: ~/.kipoi/models/
        auto_update: True

If you wish to keep the models stored elsewhere, edit the local_path accordingly.