A small library which allows to detect cursor position in Javascript textarea
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Deprecation notice

This library is no longer maintained, you may want to take a look at this solution instead: https://github.com/component/textarea-caret-position

JavaScript cursor position in a textarea or input


To obtain the text cursor position in a <textarea> or an <input> text field. Cursor position is provided either in characters, or in pixels relative to top-left corner of the text area.


The library can be used for positioning of a completion popup window in a <textarea> or <input> text field right near the caret. Given that long text is wrapped in <textarea>s, the task is not very trivial.

Alternative solution

There is another, more recent library which uses the same principle and may have less (or different) bugs: https://github.com/component/textarea-caret-position


The library tries to model text wrapping in the textarea and to find out relative cursor position. The results are not 100% accurate, but really close to it. Tested against IE8+, Chrome, Opera, Firefox as of 2012.


var padding = 3;
var positioner = new maxkir.CursorPosition(textarea_element, padding);
alert(positioner.getCursorCoordinates());  // [x, y] position of cursor in textarea in characters
alert(positioner.getPixelCoordinates());   // [x, y] position of cursor in textarea in pixels

See also the functional test under [test/cursor_position_test.html]<test/cursor_position_test.html>


None, plain JavaScript code.

-- Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Kirill Maximov, released under the MIT license