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Kitodo.Production is a workflow management tool for mass digitization. It is part of the Kitodo Digital Library Suite.

Kitodo.Production supports various types of materials such as prints, periodicals, manuscripts, sheet music and typical documents of a Nachlass. The software is written in Java and using Java Server Faces web technology to run on a Tomcat Servlet container backed up by a MySQL database accessed utilizing the Hibernate framework.

Kitodo. Digital Library Modules

Kitodo is an open source software suite intended to support mass digitization projects for cultural heritage institutions. Kitodo is widely-used and cooperatively maintained by major German libraries and digitization service providers. The software implements international standards such as METS, MODS, ALTO, and other formats maintained by the Library of Congress. Kitodo consists of several independent modules serving different purposes such as controlling the digitization workflow, enriching descriptive and structural metadata, and presenting the results to the public in a modern and convenient way.

To get more information, visit the Kitodo homepage. You can also follow Kitodo News on Twitter.

Getting started