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Database Interface for Emacs Lisp
Emacs Lisp Perl Shell
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kiwanami Add completion-at-point-functions for query editor #33
This commit just add the simple word collection function for
`completion-at-point-functions` and the customize variable
`edbi:completion-tool` which disables `auto-complete` setting up.

If users want to `company-mode` in the query editor rather than
`auto-complete`, set `edbi:completion-tool` to `none` and enable
`company-mode` in the query editor mode `edbi:sql-mode`.
The package `company-edbi` (
can be more helpful.
Latest commit 6f50aaf Feb 25, 2016

Emacs DBI

This program connects the database server through Perl's DBI, and provides DB-accessing API and the simple management UI.


Package installation

If you use package.el with Marmalade or MELPA, you just select the package 'edbi' and install it.

Next, you install the perl module `RPC::EPC::Service', DBI and Database drivers with CPAN.


$ cpan RPC::EPC::Service DBI DBD::SQLite DBD::Pg DBD::mysql

Here, SQLite, Postgresql and MySQL drivers will be installed, in addition to the EPC module. Of course, you can choose the drivers for your environment.

Manual installation

This program depends on following programs:

Place this program (edbi.el and in your load path and add following code.

(require 'edbi)

Helper application

One can install some helper applications:


M-x `edbi:open-db-viewer' opens a dialog for DB connection.

DB connection

  • Data Source : URI string for DBI::connect (Ex. dbi:SQLite:dbname=/path/db.sqlite )
  • User Name, Auth : user name and password for DBI::connect
  • History button : you can choose a data source from your connection history.
  • OK button : connect DB and open the database view

Database view

This buffer enumerates tables and views.

DB Tables

Check the key-bind `edbi:dbview-keymap'.

  • j,k, n,p : navigation for rows
  • c : switch to query editor buffer
  • RET : show table data
  • SPC : show table definition
  • q : quit and disconnect

Table definition view

This buffer shows the table definition information.

Table Definition

Check the key-bind `edbi:dbview-table-keymap'.

  • j,k, n,p : navigation for rows
  • c : switch to query editor buffer
  • V : show table data
  • q : kill buffer

Query editor

You can edit SQL in this buffer, which supports SQL syntax highlight and auto completion by auto-complete.el.

SQL Editor

Check the key-bind `edbi:sql-mode-map'.

  • C-c C-c : Execute SQL
  • C-c q : kill buffer
  • M-p : SQL history back
  • M-n : SQL history forward

Query result viewer

You can browser the results for executed SQL.

Query Results

Check the key-bind `edbi:dbview-query-result-keymap'.

  • j,k, n,p : navigation for rows
  • SPC : display the whole data at the current cell. (hitting the SPC again, it clears the popup.)
  • q : kill buffer

Navigation summary

Navigation Summary

E2WM perspective

E2WM perspective

Here is an example setup to open EDBI perspective with Super-d.

(autoload 'e2wm:dp-edbi "e2wm-edbi" nil t)
(global-set-key (kbd "s-d") 'e2wm:dp-edbi)



(C) 2012,2013,2014 SAKURAI Masashi All rights reserved. m.sakurai at

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