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Kiwi IRC

A versatile web based messenger using IRC

  • 100% static files. Host with your favourite web server or a CDN
  • For single networks, bouncer hosts, or a personal generic IRC client that remembers your networks
  • Works out of the box with a default IRC network - or use your own
  • Single or multiple IRC network connections
  • Multiple layouts for small areas or full page layouts
  • Light and dark modes
  • Desktop notifications
  • Extremely versatile via a single JSON config file at runtime
  • Themable and rich plugin support such as file uploading and video calling
  • Team mode for workplaces

Connection modes:

  • Directly to a websocket IRC server
  • Connect via the webircgateway websocket proxy for normal IRC servers
  • Stay connected with KiwiBNC

Installing Kiwi IRC

If you just want to embed an IRC client on your website, you can generate a custom client hosted by using the simple client builder,

To install Kiwi IRC on your own server, pre-built and ready to use installers can be found at the downloads page,

Building from source


Before you can build or start to develop on Kiwi IRC, make sure to have the following installed on your system:

Building for production

# Install dependencies
$ yarn install

# Build Kiwi IRC into the dist/ folder
$ yarn run build

Note: Be sure to copy the files from the dist/ folder to your webserver! This folder will be overwritten each time it is built.

Development environment

Kiwi IRC is built using Vuejs, webpack and babel.

# Install dependencies
yarn install

# Optionally link git pre-commit linting hooks
ln -s $PWD/scripts/pre-commit .git/hooks/

# A development web server with hot reloading at http://localhost:8080/
yarn run dev

Note: Do not use this development environment on your live website. It is slow, very large, and unsecure.


By default, the client will load the /static/config.json file on startup which contains the runtime configuration. When running in the development environment this can be found at static/config.json

Browser support

Kiwi IRC is tested on all modern browsers and IE11. Other browsers are not actively tested and may have trouble running Kiwi IRC.

  • Chrome
  • Chrome Mobile (Android)
  • Firefox
  • IE11
  • Safari 9+