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Django Test Runner plugin for Kiwi TCMS

Tidelift Kiwi TCMS on Twitter

This package provides a Django test runner that reports the test results to Kiwi TCMS.


pip install kiwitcms-django-plugin

Configuration and environment

Minimal config file ~/.tcms.conf:

url = https://tcms.server/xml-rpc/
username = your-username
password = your-password

For more info see tcms-api docs.


In add the following:

TEST_RUNNER = 'tcms_django_plugin.TestRunner'

When you run ./ test Django looks at the TEST_RUNNER setting to determine what to do.


v11.3 (15 Jul 2022)

  • Update tcms-api from 11.2 to 11.4
  • Small linter updates

v11.2 (16 May 2022)

  • Update tcms-api from 11.0 to 11.2
  • Annotate plugin with name & version information

v11.1 (05 Dec 2021)

  • Forward compatible with upcoming Kiwi TCMS v11.0
  • Update tcms-api from 10.0 to 11.0
  • Use f-strings
  • Updates in testing environments

v10.0 (02 Mar 2021)

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v10.0
  • Update tcms-api to 10.0

v9.0 (13 Jan 2021)

  • Compatible with Kiwi TCMS v9.0
  • Update to tcms-api v9.0
  • Specify valid DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE for running pylint-django in CI

v1.1.3 (28 October 2020)

  • Update to tcms-api v8.6.0

v1.1.2 (25 June 2020)

  • Update to tcms-api v8.4.0

v1.1.1 (25 June 2020)

  • Initial release, thanks to Bryan Mutai