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Fieldtype which generates the options for a Select Inputfield from any MYSQL table in any (accessible) database. Define the source table, columns (to pull value & label) and the preferred Inputfieldtype (Select, Radios, Checkboxes SelectMultiple or ASMSelect) in field settings. Access to all values in the corresponding row of the source table via API.

Create a new field

  • Step 1: Create a new field select fieldtype SelectExtOption.
  • Step 2: Define options under tab Details
  • Step 3: Save. Done!




Fieldtype SelectExtOption is compatible with the following Inputfieldtypes. You maybe need to adapt InputfieldPage to make all the options available.

  • InputfieldSelect
  • InputfieldRadios
  • InputfieldCheckboxes
  • InputfieldSelectMultiple
  • InputfieldAsmSelect
  • InputfieldToggle

- InputfieldToggle requires always a value.
- InputfieldAsmSelect selections are sortable.
- 3d party modules maybe supported too.
Read more ...

Source Table

Choose any datatable in the database including those which are not depending to Processwire. required.

Option Value

Select a column of the source datatable to get the value for the option tag.
Only Integer types allowed. (This Class extends FieldtypeMulti which stores values as int(11).)
Default column or column if not selected is always the first column of the table.
<option value="Option Value" > ...

*note: Option will overwrite the preceding option with same value while generating the select. Unique values recommended.*

Option Label

Select a column of the source datatable to get the label for the option tag.
<option>Option Label</option>
All types allowed. Default label or label if not selected same as Option Value.


Small Filter to limit the options if needed. Adds a WHERE condition to the SELECT statement which pulls the options from the datatable. Function filter() is hookable.

Order by Label

Options are ordered by Option Label. Select to order by any other column.

Order Descending

Order is Ascending by default. Check to switch to Descending


Return field value


By default you get the value. A value from another column can be selected in the field settings.


All column values are populated as a property (columnname) except values of columns named with reserved words ('label', 'value', 'row', 'options' and 'data').

 * single values (InputfieldSelect)
 * @return SelectExtOption Object (extended WireData Object)
$page->myfield->row // assoc array (columnname => value) of all values of the selected datatablerow
$page->myfield->options // assoc array (value => label) of all selectable options
$page->myfield->columnname-2 // ...

 * muliple values (InputfiedSelectMultiple, InputfieldAsmSelect)
 * @return WireArray Object with SelectExtOption elements for each single value like above

// Usage Examples
$page->myfield->last()->row['land'] // value of column 'land' of last selected item
$page->myfield->eq(3)->value // integer value of 4th item in array of selected items
$page->myfield->each('pages_id') // array of value of column 'pages\_id' of each item

note: to get the value of a column named by reserved word use the row property, like $page->myfield->row['data']

Set a field value via API

/* Inputfieldtype Select */
$page->myfield->value = 3;

/* Inputfieldtype SelectMultiple (add a single value) */
$v = new SelectExtOption;
$v->value = 3;

/* Inputfieldtype Select/SelectMultiple. Will replace existing values */
$page->myfield = array(3,7,9); // Example Values

note: trying to set a not existing value will be ignored

Public module functions options() and row()

// call the module
$getdata = $modules->get('FieldtypeSelectExtOption');

// return array of all possible value/ label pairs version >= 1.1.6 
$getdata->options('selector'); // selector = field-name, field-id or field-instance

// find value(s) of the first or only field of type SelectExtOption in current page

// find value(s) of a specific field of type SelectExtOption in current page, useful if more than one of same type

// find value(s) of a specific field of type SelectExtOption in a page found by selector string

// find value(s) of the first or only field of type SelectExtOption in a page found by selector string

Function row() will return a MultipleArray with the stored value(s) as key.


Field Settings

  • Inputfieldtype = 'InputfieldAsmSelect'
  • Source Table = 'pages'
  • Option Value = 'id'
  • Option Label = 'name'

Selected Values in Frontend

  • 'admin'
  • 'user'


$getdata = $modules->get('FieldtypeSelectExtOption');


array (size=2)
  2 => 
    array (size=10)
      'id' => string '2' (length=1)
      'parent_id' => string '1' (length=1)
      'templates_id' => string '2' (length=1)
      'name' => string 'admin' (length=5)
      'status' => string '1035' (length=4)
      'modified' => string '2015-01-29 06:37:43' (length=19)
      'modified_users_id' => string '41' (length=2)
      'created' => string '0000-00-00 00:00:00' (length=19)
      'created_users_id' => string '2' (length=1)
      'sort' => string '15' (length=2)
  29 => 
    array (size=10)
      'id' => string '29' (length=2)
      'parent_id' => string '28' (length=2)
      'templates_id' => string '2' (length=1)
      'name' => string 'users' (length=5)
      'status' => string '29' (length=2)
      'modified' => string '2011-04-05 00:39:08' (length=19)
      'modified_users_id' => string '41' (length=2)
      'created' => string '2011-03-19 19:15:29' (length=19)
      'created_users_id' => string '2' (length=1)
      'sort' => string '0' (length=1)

Developers Note

3d party Inputfieldtypes are supported too, if they are subclasses of InputfieldSelect. Furthermore they should be added in settings of InputfieldPage module. No guarantees that these Inputfieldtypes will work as expected.
Please test carefully.
Working example: InputfieldChosenSelect.

InputfieldSelectMultipleTransfer will be supported after removing the '>' in the selector string of javascript file. (Line 3 and 19 InputfieldSelectMultipleTransfer.js)





kixe (Christoph Thelen)

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