Implementation of "Controlling Output Length in Neural Encoder-Decoders"
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Controlling Output Length in Neural Encoder-Decoders

Implementation of "Controlling Output Length in Neural Encoder-Decoders".

The purpose of this project is to give the capability of controlling output length to neural encoder-decoder models. It is crucial for applications such as text summarization, in which we have to generate concise summaries with a desired length.

There are three models (standard encdec, leninit, and lenemb) and four decoding methods (greedy, standard beamsearch, fixlen beamsearch, and fixrng beamsearch).

Although any combination is possible in prediction phase, please see for the combination we used in the paper.


Data preparation

We followed NAMAS which is an implementation of [Rush+15]

Please see for detail.

Preparing your own dataset

You can modify the config files to run experiments in your own dataset.
For example in lencon/models/XXX/config.ini, you can see the following lines:

base_dir =  /path/to/agiga_work/
src_vcb = %(base_dir)s/train.article.dict
trg_vcb = %(base_dir)s/train.title.dict
train_src_file = %(base_dir)s/train.article.txt
train_trg_file = %(base_dir)s/train.title.txt
valid_src_file = %(base_dir)s/valid.article.filter.txt
valid_trg_file = %(base_dir)s/valid.title.filter.txt

Please replace each path to corresponding files of your dataset.

Vocabulary list: src_vcb and trg_vcb

Each file has one word per line.

<unk> 10000.0
<s> 10000.0
</s> 10000.0
the 1230
, 1120
. 1110
, 980
a 970

The first three words indicate the special tags for unknown word, begin of sentence, and end of sentence. The second column indicates the frequency of the word on the first column. Note that we don't use this frequencies (second column) and you can remove it.

Source and Target file: train_src_file, train_trg_file, valid_src_file and valid_trg_file

Each file has one title or article per line. N'th line of train_trg_file is a title of n'th line of train_src_file (corresponding article).

See also

  • #.# in the above link indicates that every number is replaced to #


# for fixlen and fixrng
python ../model/encdec --gpu X 
# for lenemb
python ../model/lenemb --gpu X 
# for leninit
python ../model/leninit --gpu X 


python ../models/[Model] [input text file] [length you need] \
-d [Decoding method] \
--min_length [minumum length]  # if and only if -d == fixrng


  • Yuta Kikuchi, Graham Neubig, Ryohei Sasano, Hiroya Takamura and Manabu Okumura
    Controlling Output Length in Neural Encoder-Decoders
    EMNLP 2016, bibtex, (arXiv)